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100% Plant-Based Collaboration. Live November 19th.

For our first city collab, we worked with four local innovators to design custom, Portland-inspired graphics. Each piece represents the self-expression, inclusion and creative energy that flows through Rose City and its people


Our first collab celebrates Portland’s energy of self-expression, inclusivity, creativity and activism - and features local artists and innovators sharing their own stories.  

Frank Cooke, an experienced creator and storyteller, curated our UNLESS PDX collab and designed the Bury Me graphic.  What’s that all about? You know that favorite hoodie or tee shirt that you love so much you want to be buried in it? Now you can! All of our products are designed to decompose at the end of their useful life - leaving behind zero plastic waste. 

Each collaborator brought their own perspective to tell our Portland story: Diane Lam and her love of soup, Quanie and his passion for music and safe farming, and Matthew Vu celebrates the flowers Portland is famous for - roses.  

The end results are one-of-a-kind, wearable representations of PDX and its people. And they’ll all go back to the elements someday.

Frank Cooke

Matt Vu

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