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All plants,
no plastic

All plants, no plastic sneakers made to return to the earth and regenerate into something new.

It's good to be a degenerate

We designed the DEGENERATE by slamming a clean, stripped-down upper into a deep cup-sole, creating a modern silhouette with attitude and style. Inspired by the PNW, we brought together the utility of Outdoor with the simplicity of a Skate silhouette to create a statement sneaker that can handle whatever you throw at it.


Stripped down upper deep cut sole


Textile shell, breathable upper construction


Only breaks down when you're done with it


Rugged outsole


We’ve teamed up with NFW (Natural Fiber Welding) to employ a set of revolutionary plant powered materials. MIRUM®, a plant based leather. CLARUS®, a recycled cotton to create the upper of the shoe. We collaborated with NFW to engineer, design and produce new solutions for the bottom of the shoe including exclusive natural rubber compounds (TUNERA™ and PLIANT™) that are durable enough for outsoles and soft enough for cushioning foams.

Natural Rubber

TUNERA™ natural foam rubber heel cushioning & PLIANT™ natural rubber outsole

Natural Cotton

Cotton canvas lining. Cotton embroidered tongue logo. Cotton laces with embroidered lace tips. Linen side stitch

Plant Leather

MIRUM® mudguard, tip and edging

Plant Fiber

CLARUS® upper: a welded recycled cotton with extra durability


Coconut fiber inlay sole with linen cover
How is this even possible? Science. How is this even possible? Science.

Pliant™ material detail


The most sustainable shoe sole ever made: natural, plastic-free, recyclable, and scalable
Tunera™ material detail


Bioneutral, plastic-free foam
Clarus® material detail


High-performance plastic-free recycled cotton that outperforms virgin cotton and synthetics
Mirum® material detail


The only plastic-free plant-based leather alternative in-market

From Plants To Plants

Every ounce of this shoe has been made with next-gen plant-powered technology to create products that follow the circularity of mother nature. Made from 100% natural inputs, put together using chemistry that allows the materials to break down into their natural elements, and return harmlessly to the earth.

Handmade in Italy

The DEGENERATE reaches back in time, to rediscover old-school shoe making techniques used in the pre-plastics era. To tap into these techniques, we went to the spiritual home of artisanal shoe making: Italy.

TakeBack Program

All of our products are built to last, but inevitably, footwear and apparel wears out. We take back your shoes at no additional charge, and send them back to our material supplier and partner Natural Fiber Welding. NFW will then grind the shoes up to create new soil products.


The vast majority of shoes are made with plastics and other petrochemicals breaking down into harmful micro-plastics that find their way into our rivers and oceans, our food and our bodies. What doesn’t end up in a landfill, is often incinerated, creating harmful emissions.
The denerate sneaker in black


Where does the name DEGENERATE come from?

The shoe has been made with 100% natural materials that can harmlessly decompose at the end of their useful life.

Who designed the DEGENERATE?

The Degenerate was designed by the UNLESS in house design team.

Can I run in the DEGENERATE? Is it built for performance?

This sneaker has not been designed with any specific sport or performance characteristics in mind. It is a “lifestyle” sneaker that is meant to be worn for everyday use.

Is the DEGENERATE lighter or heavier than my day to day sneaker?

The degenerate weighs roughly as much as any other traditional lifestyle sneaker.

How durable is the DEGENERATE?

This always depends on how and where the shoe is worn. It was designed to last as long as any other traditional lifestyle sneaker.
Unless: Everything we make is plants, not plastic Unless: Everything we make is plants, not plastic