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The DEGENERATE Sneaker on sale for $125 - limited time only

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Essentials Biodegradable Hoodie

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Everywhere and anywhere.

The humble hoodie has been with us since the 1930’s. Designed to keep New York warehouse workers warm, the hoodie has been essential to sport and style for the last century.  These days the hoodie can be seen everywhere from social justice protests, to music festivals and Paris Fashion Week. The hoodie has been everywhere.

Our hoodie is the ultimate luxury utility vehicle. Built with a heavy weight cotton fleece and reinforced construction, it is true to its workwear roots. The modern, relaxed silhouette brings luxurious comfort and style. Traditionally crafted in Los Angeles, CA and made 100% from plants (which means zero plastic.) This is what sustainable streetwear should look and feel like.

This hoodie was born to die, so when you’ve worn it to death, send it back to us and we’ll make sure it disappears without a trace.


Plants, plants and more plants.
Cotton fabric
Cotton labels
Cotton thread


Every bit of this hoodie, from fabric, labels, and sewing thread is made from plants. After you wear it in and someday, wear it out, send it back to us and we will safely return it to the earth through our composting process.


Reinforced kangaroo pouch
Double layer elbow panels
12.5OZ cotton fabric
Relaxed fit
Zero plastic

Born to Die

Your UNLESS hoodie will never become trash, or end up in a landfill. Send it back to us and we will safely return it to the earth. Style should never be trash.

100% Plant Based

When we say 100% cotton, we mean it. Unlike other hoodies made from plastic — we’re looking at you nylon thread, polyester blends and elastane ribbing — everything, from the fabric, to the tags, to the thread, is made from plants.

rooted in Workwear

Don’t be mistaken—biodegradable doesn’t mean it’ll unravel before your eyes. Our hoodies stay true to their workwear roots with durable heavyweight cotton.

We think about the end of life before anything else.Dive deeper into the future of fashion.

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