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UNLESS Biodegradable Work Shirt

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Ready for work.

Check out our take on the traditional work shirt. We’ve embellished ours with a premium printed UNLESS Collective rose graphic on the back and a name tag on the front. This is one work shirt you might not want to get dirty.

Our UNLESS printed work shirt pays homage to the wildly versatile classic utility shirt. Built to be buttoned up or worn wide open over a crop or a tee, this shirt is there for you in the workshop, the skate park or the beach.

Traditionally crafted in Portugal, this shirt is 100% plant-powered. Made from the elements, to be worn in the elements and ultimately returned to the elements. This is what a sustainable shirt should look and feel like.


100% Light Weight Cotton Twill
Corozo Nut Buttons
Cotton thread, tags and binding tapes


Our buttons are made out of Corozo nuts instead of plastic. And, don’t worry – seeds that are picked before they fall aren’t ripe enough for button production, so there’s no deforestation business around here.

Every bit of this shirt, from fabric, buttons, labels, and sewing thread is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life.


Front patch pockets
True to size fit
Printed UNLESS graphics front and back

We think about the end of life before anything else. Dive deeper into the future of fashion.

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