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unless x nia musiba hoodie

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Give and take.

Taylor’s take - “In the illustration, the eye is traded for a flower which is a signal, a “give and take” scenario of balance that I feel the current consumer market is far away from practicing.” 

Made with thick, plush cotton fabric for max quality and comfort—and nothing more. Your new favorite tee is cut slightly oversized and has a drop-shoulder for a relaxed fit.

Made in North Carolina, with zero plastic—this is what a sustainable t-shirt should look and feel like. 


8oz interlock cotton fabric
Cotton thread
Cotton tags and labels.


UNLESS tees use a low-impact reactive dyeing process. We use a water-based printing technique that allows our graphics to soak into the cotton fibers and become part of the shirts themselves, so the graphics aren’t just stuck on top of our shirts like melted plastic.

Every bit of this shirt, from fabric to labels to sewing thread is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life. Send it back to us for free, when you are ready to retire it and we will take care of the rest.


Reduced branding
Oversized fit
Zero plastic

About Nia

Nia Musiba lives and eats and sleeps and goes to school and creates work and makes new friends in Portland. Her identity as an African-American woman and the daughter of a Tanzanian immigrant influence her work and her exploration of Blackness throughout history. Her creations are about queerness, about being human, about hands and bodies and feelings and connection and flowers and sunshine. She views her depictions of Black and brown bodies as a direct response to the hyper-sexualization, brutalization, and overall negative depictions of BiPoC individuals within art and media.

Nia's inspiration

This collection celebrates daydreaming, community, growth and communication. It is inspired by my parents, by the connections I’ve made and growing I’ve done despite the pandemic, and by my hopes and dreams for a more luscious future where I can be in community with all of my loved ones from the past, present and future. Much like all of my work, at its core, the collection aims to display and celebrate Black bodies.

We think about the end of life before anything else.Dive deeper into the future of fashion.

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