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Caring about plastic waste never tasted better. Wear these plastic-free tees to death, then send them back to us to compost. They'll become tasty food for plants and worms. Yum!
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Our best colors yet. Find your favorite summer uniform - statement style made 100% from plants.
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ALl Plants
No Plastic

Inspired by our birthplace in the Pacific Northwest, we brought together the utility of Workwear and Outdoor with the attitude and simplicity of a Skate silhouette to create a statement sneaker that can handle whatever you throw at it. Earth's favorite sneaker, the DEGENERATE.

    All UNLESS products are made from plants.  We source everything - fabric, threads, tags - from plant based materials.  Even our buttons are made from corozo nuts. No plastic means no short cuts. Lux feel and durable quality means you can feel as good as you look knowing your choices are saving the planet.


    Making plant-based products is one thing.  Making sure everything we make safely returns to the earth makes us unique.  Our products are made from the elements, built to be worn in the elements, and designed to harmlessly return to the elements.


    Instead of making more trash, we turn statement streetwear of today into plants of tomorrow.  Nature doesn’t do dead ends, and neither do we.  Our ambition is to use the decomposition process to birth something entirely new.