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Dip dye crew

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Dip and Drip

We’ve given our Crewneck sweatshirt the dip-dye treatment so you can drip. Thick and rugged on the outside, soft and comfy on the inside, made with 100% cotton - now with charcoal gray sleeves. And just like the old days, there are no plastics or petro-chemicals here. This unisex classic is cut with a super-cozy “O” shape body and front pockets to keep your hands cozy too!


15.5oz French Terry
Cotton Rib cuffs and waistband
Water-based Dip Dye


Every bit of this sweatshirt, from fabric to labels to sewing thread is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life. But that’s only half the story; send it back to us for free, when you are ready to retire them and we will return them harmlessly to the earth through our industrial composting process.


Front Pockets
Reinforced collar
Embroidered Logo
Unisex size and fit
Dipped Sleeves

We think about the end of life before anything else. Dive deeper into the future of fashion.

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