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Flowers4U Utility Jacket

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Oscar Wilde said that a flower blossoms for its own joy. While we all learned the science-y stuff about why flowers really bloom, we like Oscar’s version just as much. Shine, do you, express yourself - give yourself flowers because you deserve them. With our UNLESS Flowers pack, you can look good and feel good, without feeling bad. All of our apparel is made from plants, not plastic and can harmlessly return to the earth, regenerating the soil and allowing new flowers to grow. 

Embroidered front and back on our classic Utility Jacket using 100% Tencel (made from wood!) threads and rugged canvas twill that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. 

Go out, show out.


300g Cotton Twill
Corozo Nut Buttons
Cotton thread, tags and binding tapes
Tencel Embroidery


Our buttons are made out of Corozo nuts instead of plastic. And, don’t worry, seeds that are picked before they fall aren’t ripe enough for button production, so there’s no deforestation business around here. Every bit of this jacket, from fabric, buttons, labels, and sewing thread is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life.


Reinforced front patch pockets and sleeves
Protected buttons
Hidden side seam pockets
Oversized fit
Zero plastic
Pretty Flowers

We think about the end of life before anything else. Dive deeper into the future of fashion.

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