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UNLESS x Dr Wolfenbergen Plantimal Biodegradable Tee

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Eat Me

Plants feed on the nutrients in dirt. Compost helps to make good dirt. Cotton scraps and worn out UNLESS apparel makes good compost, get it? The second graphic tee from our collab with Philly artist/illustrator Justin Moll @dr.wolfenbergen illustrates how new plants can grow from soil that has been mixed with our 100% plant-based (cotton) tee shirts (after they’ve been properly composted of course.) This isn’t what it really looks like, BTW…it’s just a really cool illustration with a t-shirt eating plant. 

Printed on our classic Essentials Tee, with a luxurious hand feel and drape that is unparalleled in the industry, this tee is made with thick, plush 8oz cotton interlock fabric for max quality and comfort—and nothing more. 

All of our tees are 100% plant-based, made from cotton and nothing else.


8 oz cotton Interlock fabric
Cotton thread
Cotton tags and labels


Every bit of this shirt, from fabric to labels to sewing thread is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life. Send it back to us for free, when you are ready to retire it and we will take care of the rest.


Boxy Cut
Soft Hand
Lux Feel
Unisex fit and sizing

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