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The DEGENERATE Sneaker on sale for $125 - limited time only

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Look Good, Feel Great.  
The DEGENERATE sneaker won’t hurt your style or the planet.

The DEGENERATE slams a clean, stripped-down upper into a deep cup-sole, creating a strong, modern silhouette with attitude and style.

Constructed of Clarus recycled cotton, The DEGENERATE has canvas lining, linen covered coconut fiber insole with Tunera natural foam rubber cushioning and a Pliant natural rubber outsole.

It’s built to last, but after you’ve worn it to death, send it back to us and we’ll return it harmlessly to the earth.

The DEGENERATE contains ZERO suffocating plastic so feet stay dry and cool, while next-gen plant-powered technology finally delivers a sneaker that can keep up with the circularity of mother nature.All Plants. ZERO Plastic.

Don’t Feel Bad. Unless.


NFW (Natural Fiber Welding) plant powered materials
NFW Clarus recycled cotton base material
NFW Mirum overlays and reinforcements
NFW Pliant natural rubber outsole
NFW Tunera natural foam rubber heel cushioning
Cotton laces with embroidered lace tips
Coconut fiber inlay sole with linen cover
Linen side stitch
Cotton canvas lining
Cotton embroidered tongue logo


Every ounce of this shoe has been made with next-gen plant-powered technology to create products that follow the circularity of mother nature. Made from 100% natural inputs, put together using chemistry that allows the materials to break down into their natural elements, and return harmlessly to the earth.


Deep cup-sole
Low to the ground
Protective sidewall
Breathable upper construction
Clean design

Plant Based

Free returns

Handmade in Italy


Handmade. Plant Based. Plastic free.


    To create a breathable, light and flexible shoe that provides protection, durability, comfort and traction, all without using any plastics or petrochemicals, we had to reach back in time to rediscover old-school shoe making techniques used in the pre-plastics era.


    We’ve developed real-world applications that turn our sneaker into valuable inputs for new soil products, allowing UNLESS to use the decomposition process to birth something entirely new.


    NFW (Natural Fiber Welding) is our ALL plants, NO plastic material innovation partner. We are the first to use their PLIANT™ and TUNERA™ products to create The DEGENERATE, the world’s first regenerative sneaker.

A little dirt don’t hurt!

Meet Dee, our resident lil green dirtbag who goes buckwild for all things regenerative.

He talks life, earth and being green with a crew of unforgettable change makers.
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