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Tongue Logo Beanie

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Wear a hat, or you’ll catch a cold!

The knit cap, Monmouth hat or Beanie as we now know it, was first seen in 1200’s Scotland. Due to its utility and comfort, it soon became the go-2 way of staying warm for farmers, workers, hunters and soldiers for more than 500 years. Keeping warm was key for survival and the timeless essential was born. Thanks to concerned mothers everywhere, the beanie has been adopted across the centuries across cultures. Today the knit beanie remains a cold weather workwear staple, but has transcended to a functional lifestyle icon - and you won’t catch a death of cold.

So, how could we possibly improve on the eternal knit cap? Simple, we partnered with our friends at Rustek here in Portland, OR to make it 100% plant-based, with zero plastic or petrochemicals. Because it’s made completely from cotton, you can wear this hat year round, and when you’ve worn it to death, it can be harmlessly returned to the earth.


100% Cotton and Tencel thread


Every bit of this hat is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life. But that’s only half the story; send it back to us for free, when you are ready to retire them and we will return them harmlessly to the earth through our industrial composting process.


Wide knit rib
Cool embroidered logo

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